Thursday, January 30, 2014

Solving Problems With Others

With all the days we have had off this month, we are a little behind with our units.  We have been working on a Social Studies unit called "How Do I Solve Problems With Others?"  In this unit, we are learning that everybody has problems and sometimes we have problems with each other.  The focus of this unit is that when we do have problems with friends or siblings, there are ways we can solve them peacefully!

One of our activities was to learn a song about what to do to solve a problem.  There are four key steps to solving a problem and you may even hear your kindergartner singing this song at home!

Step 1:  I stop. Calm down.

Step 2:  I talk and listen.

Step 3:  I think of ways to solve the problem.

Step 4:  I agree on a plan and try it!

We also brainstormed lots of ways to calm down when we are feeling angry or frustrated.  You could count to 10, do 5 jumping jacks, go to your room and close the door, read a book, take a walk, take five…these were just a few of our excellent ideas.  Our kindergartners have lots more suggestions!

Please take some time to review these problem solving steps with your child.  We are definitely working on this in school and hopefully it will carry over to all aspects of life!

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