Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snowmen Everywhere!

Another exciting day in Kindergarten Plus!

In Reading Workshop today, we learned an important new word.  The word is stamina...

As you can see, stamina means doing anything for a long period of time with out getting tired or giving up.  We learned that we need stamina for most things in life…running, playing, writing…even reading! We are working on our stamina for Reading Workshop.  We will need this stamina for independent reading while Mrs. Kurt teaches our Guided Reading small groups.  Today, we all had to read for 4 minutes.  Not as easy as it sounds.  No worries, though.  Mrs. Kurt says we will soon build up our stamina in reading and will be able to do it much longer.

In continuing our winter theme, we completed a couple more snowman projects today.  This morning we made a colorful background for a snowman, which we finished and hung out in the hallway.



This afternoon, our third grade buddies from Ms. Elsen's class visited.  They helped us make our sock snowman project.  Remember the supplies you sent in before the holidays?  Well, here is what we made with them!



We love when our third grade buddies come to our room!  Thanks, Ms. Elsen's class!!!

And look at how cute these turned out.  We will not be bringing them home for awhile…right now they are decorating the school office.  We will bring them home in a couple of weeks.  If you happen to be at school, be sure to check them out.

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