Monday, December 2, 2013

Measuring Weight

Today in Math, we were learning about measuring weight.  We learned about a pretty cool tool called a balance scale.

We had to grab items out of a grocery bag and place them on the scale.  The scale helped us to determine if the item was heavier or lighter.  Once we figured it out, we placed the items on the mat labeled "heavier" or the mat labeled "lighter".



After we did this, we tried to find items that weighed exactly the same.  We did not have much luck with this.

Tomorrow we will try to find things that weigh about one pound.  Should be fun!

One of my most favorite things every year in Kindergarten is when we have our first significant snowfall while the kids are in school.  Today it happened right at the end of our day as we were preparing for dismissal.  It is so fun to hear their squeals of delight and watch them run to the window with such excitement.  What a perfect way to end this awesome school day!


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