Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This morning we read the story "'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving" by Dav Pilkey.  It is a fun story about eight students who visit a farm on the day before Thanksgiving.  While at the farm, they meet eight turkeys that Farmer Mack Nugget plans to chop up for Thanksgiving feasts!  This upsets the students who come up with a plan to smuggle the turkeys off of the farm and on to the school bus.  They do this by stuffing the turkeys under their shirts and taking them home to be their special Thanksgiving guests!

We had another lesson on symmetry today.  We made some really fun turkey hats and had to make sure the feathers on each side matched, or be symmetrical.  We did a great job!



This afternoon, the whole school played Turkey Bingo.  Mr. Ball, our custodian, was the bingo caller. When we got a bingo, we had to jog down the hall and gobble all the way to the prize table near the library.  Everyone got a bingo and we had SO MUCH FUN running and gobbling down the hall!  What a fun way to spend the afternoon.



At the end of our day today, instead of saying one thing we appreciated about our day, each student shared one thing that they were thankful for.  It was such a wonderful time hearing things we are all grateful for.  


Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Kurt's little turkeys!

Now one with their silly faces!

Ask your child to sing our Thanksgiving songs for you...Five Fat Turkeys, Turkey Dinner and The Turkey is a Funny Bird.  They are pretty cute!

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