Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Changing Wood and Third Grade Buddies

Today in Science, we discovered that we could change wood.  We were not sure how at first, but Mrs. Kurt told us not to worry.  First we discussed how we thought we could change wood.  We could paint it.  We could cut it.  We could break it.  We soon learned another way...sanding it!

We each got a paper plate, a sample of basswood and a piece of sand paper.  Then we went to work!


We were kind of surprised how hard it was.  Sanding wood looks easy, but it takes a while to actually make a change in the shape of the wood.  Some of us got kind of tired doing this, too!  We observed that the more you sanded, the more sawdust you were able to create.  Using sandpaper on the wood actually made it feel smoother, too.

This afternoon, we had a visit from our Third Grade Buddies.  Our buddies are the third graders in Ms. Elsen's class.  They had recently read the book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" by Mo Willems. They were learning about the author's voice and how you can tell how characters are feeling by looking at the illustrations.  They also learned lots about talking bubbles.  For today's activity, the third graders came to our classroom and read us the story.  They also taught us the things that they had learned...they were like our teachers!  




We are going to explore this story a little more tomorrow.  It sure was cool to have our third grade buddies visit this afternoon!

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