Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reading Workshop

Earlier this week, you may remember that Ms. Elsen's third grade class came and read us a story called "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" by Mo Willems.  We loved this story so much we decided to dig in deeper with this story and learn more about the author's voice.

We have learned so much from this story!  First, it teaches us about lots of different punctuation marks. We are learning that when you read a question, your voice kind of goes up a little at the end of the question.  It has also taught us about talking and thinking bubbles and how the illustrator shows them in their pictures.  

And speaking of can tell so much about how a character is feeling or what they are thinking or doing just by observing the illustrations.  


And when the author uses really, really big letters in the story, it means the character feels pretty strongly about something!


We are also learning that when an author writes a story, it is their way of telling their own story.  Who knew we could learn so much from one book???

Mrs. Kurt asked us to come to school on Monday with a story...maybe something we did over the weekend or just any story that we have that we could share with our friends.  That is going to be really fun!

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