Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet Mr. Anderson and Solving Problems

Today we welcomed a visitor to our classroom.  His name is Mr. Jackson Anderson.  Mr. Anderson is a junior at Eagan High School.  One of his classes gives him an opportunity to job shadow someone in a profession that he may be interested in.  Since Mr. Anderson wants to be a teacher, he will be job shadowing Mrs. Kurt in the afternoons for this week.  Mr. Anderson is a former student of Mrs. Kurt's...she was his Kindergarten and First Grade teacher at Thomas Lake Elementary a "few" years ago and he also attended Northview Elementary for grades 2 - 5!  Welcome, Mr. Anderson and we hope you enjoy working in our classroom.

Today we finished up our Social Studies unit on solving problems with others.  We reviewed an earlier lesson where our puppets Buddy Butterfly and Lucky Ladybug had a disagreement while playing with blocks.  We came up with strategies that they could have used instead.  Then each student had a chance to show their work to the class using the document camera and the SMART board.  It was such a great experience to have the kids do the teaching for this and use our awesome technology tools that we have in our classroom!

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