Thursday, January 17, 2013

Solving Problems and Viktor the Viking

We continue to work on our Social Studies unit titled "How Do I Solve Problems With Others?".  We are focusing on how to solve problems and we have learned a song to help us remember the four steps for solving problems.

When you have a problem with someone, the first step is to stop and calm down.  (Yesterday we worked on strategies to help us calm down.)  Step two is to talk AND listen.  Step three is to think of ways to solve the problem.  The fourth step is to agree on a plan and try it!  Here is what it looks like:

I stop and calm down.

I talk and listen.

I think of ways to solve the problem.

I agree on a plan and try it!

This afternoon we had a special school assembly.  We celebrated our Fuel Up For 60 program.  Mrs. Salter, our P.E. Specialist, Mrs. Hannasch, the school nurse and Mrs. Hanson from the lunchroom have coordinated this since the school year began.  We have been learning about the importance of exercise EVERY day and eating healthy.

Today's assembly was a pretty cool event because we had a program and a special visitor...Viktor the Viking!  He was really fun to watch and he encouraged us to continue to exercise regularly and eat right all the time.  We really liked meeting him and he really liked seeing so much purple in the audience!!!

Viktor the Viking and Mrs. Carl

We read the story "Snow Bears" by Martin Waddell.  It is a cute story about three bear cubs who try to trick their mom.  Then we visited a pretty cool website called  the North American Bear Center at  Go to the Live Cameras tab and click on Lily's Den Cam 2013.  (The tab has worked best for us.)  Lily the black bear gave birth to two cubs last week.  The website is pretty amazing, so check it out sometime if you'd like.  We will be visiting it in Kindergarten Plus.

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