Monday, March 6, 2017

Making Particle Board

Today, these amazing kindergarten scientists made particle board.  Particle board is a manmade wood, made from combining resin (which is a type of glue), sawdust and wood shavings.  We made our resin out of a mixture of corn starch and water.  It kind of looked like mashed potatoes but it felt more like play dough.  First we worked with the resin to make it pliable.  Some of us did not like the way the resin felt on our hands!


Next, we each got a plastic cup that contained sawdust and wood shavings.  Using a wooden stick, we stirred these ingredients together and then added them to the resin.


Then we got to shape our particleboard however we wanted and put it in the hallway to dry overnight.



We reported on this experience by doing some community writing.  We wrote out the directions for how to make particle board.  Mrs. Anderson's class borrowed our directions to use when they make theirs tomorrow.  We are excited to see if these directions are helpful to them!

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