Thursday, April 14, 2016

Learning About Doing Good Together

In preparation for our Doing Good Together events on Friday, April 15, we read a couple of stories during our Interactive Read Alouds about doing good things and helping to change the world.  We read the story Swimmy by Leo Lionni.  It is a great story about how we can work together to accomplish great things.  We wrote in our Reader's Journals about what we thought the author's message is in this story!


We had some wonderful ideas and we had a chance to share them with the class.



We also read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  This is another wonderful story about sharing and thinking of others.  We again wrote about what we thought the author's message was and shared it with our friends.  I am blown away at how thoughtful these kindergartners are and the insight that they already have at five and six years old!  



These students are truly world changers!  I hope to see you at our Doing Good Together event this Friday evening.

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