Sunday, April 10, 2016

Curious George Visits the Library…and so did we!

This week, we read the story Curious George Visits the Library.  In this story, George discovers a shelf that moves (which happens to be a library cart) and he crashes into a set of encyclopedias.  Since kindergartners are curious like Curious George, we wondered what are encyclopedias?  What are they for?  And does the library at Northview have any carts like the one in the story?  We decided to find out!

We headed down to the Northview Library and luckily, Mrs. Joanna was not busy with another class.  We explained to her what we had read in the story and also asked her if there are any carts in the library or any encyclopedias.  She helped us solve these mysteries!


We do have carts in our library!  There are small, medium and large carts!  Mrs. Joanna explained how they are used to help store books that need to go back on the shelves.  Cool!


Now, what about those encyclopedias?


We do have some..two sets of them!  Mrs. Joanna explained that these are used to look up information for research.  We were curious to know why people would use these when you can Google things or even ask Siri.  Mrs. Kurt and Mrs. Joanna tried to explain that in the "old days", when they were in school, there were no cell phones, computers, iPads, etc.  If we needed to find information on something, we had to look it up in an encyclopedia or book.  Things sure are different now!  It was fun to explore and learn about these things in our school library.  Thank you, Mrs. Joanna!


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