Sunday, March 20, 2016

Recycling Paper

As a wrap up to our Materials in Our World unit of study, we actually recycled paper.  The purpose of this activity was to help students understand the process of how paper is made and also how something new can be made from something existing…in other words, how to recycle something.

We began by tearing eight squares of single ply toilet tissue into small pieces.  We put these pieces into a plastic bottle and added water.  We placed a cap on the bottle and shook the bottles for at least ten minutes…maybe more!


When we finished shaking the bottles, we noticed the material inside had changed.  It was now paper pulp.  We emptied the contents of the bottles onto a screen, which was on top of a cup.  The cup caught the water and the pulp stayed on top of the screen.


We pressed out the excess water from the pulp and placed another screen on top of the pulp.  Then we used sponges to blot out any extra water.


We removed the top screen and very carefully peeled off the recycled paper.  We put it on some wax paper and let it dry over night!

It was a great activity and hopefully you have seen the finished product at home.  Be sure to ask your kindergartner about how to recycle paper.

Have a safe and relaxing spring break!

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