Thursday, March 3, 2016

Materials in Our World

We launched our new Unit of Study…Materials in Our World.  We discussed things that we think we know about materials and added them to the research chart in our classroom.  We have been reading lots of nonfiction information and have begun to dig deeper and learn more about wood.  We have been  observing, comparing and reporting on five different types of wood…red cedar, pine, basswood, plywood and particle board.  Some of these types of wood come from trees…red cedar comes from a cedar tree; pine comes from a pine tree and basswood comes from a linden tree.  Particleboard and plywood are manmade materials.

We are focusing first on plywood.  We watched a video about how plywood is made and made a chart with the facts we learned.

Then we got busy and actually made a small sample of plywood.  We glued three thin pieces of wood together.  Since it took a while to dry, we also reported on the process of making plywood by writing about it just like a scientist would do!





We did our writing on white boards to get our ideas in order.  Then we will write the process for making plywood in our Research Journals.  

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