Thursday, March 10, 2016

Making Particleboard

Our next activity was to make particleboard, which is made by combining wood shavings and sawdust with resin.  Before we could do this, our scientists needed to observe and compare wood shavings and sawdust.  Of course, we also had to write about our findings!




Now we were ready to make particleboard.  But first, if we were gong to be scientists, we needed to look like scientists.  We borrowed lab coats from the Northview Science Lab and got to work.  We started by observing a sample of particleboard.  Then we got some resin, which was a little cold and crumbly.  We needed it to get to a consistency similar to play dough so we had to knead it in our hands.    This was not everyone's favorite part!  Next we added the wood shavings and sawdust, mixed it all together and shaped our particleboard the way we wanted it.






We needed to let the particleboard dry overnight before we could bring it home.  Hopefully you have found this by now in your child's back pack.  Be sure to ask them what particleboard is and how it is made.  You will be surprised at how much they know!



We are getting good at researching and writing about what we are learning!
Here are our scientists with their "serious" faces…

…don't they look like scientists?

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