Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding the Gingerbread Man

On Wednesday, we could hardly concentrate on our work because we were so excited for snack time.  But when we went to the kitchen to pick up our gingerbread man, he was GONE!!!

Miss Deb felt pretty bad that he ran away.  He even took the tray with him!

Then we remembered that in Kindergarten, when we have a problem, we solve it.  We told Miss Deb, "No worries!"

We decided we needed to work together and search the school to find our special snack.  We could not believe how many friends at Northview tried to help us!  Mrs. Ellingworth and her first graders, Mrs. Putz and her first graders, Mrs. Trachsel and her third graders, Ms. Elsen and her third graders, Mrs. Buresh and Ms. Jorgensen in the office, Mrs. Town, Mrs. Hannasch, Mr. Ball, Mrs Dahl and her fifth graders, Mrs. Fleck, Ms. Fifield, Ms. Kieltyka and Mrs. Radermacher…there are so many super nice people at Northview and they are all happy to help us whenever we need any help!  We looked everywhere!



We looked and looked.  We did not give up and finally we found him hiding right across the hall from our room in Mr. Ball's office!

So we took a photo with him before snack time...

…and of course we took a photo with our silly faces!

The gingerbread man snack tasted really good and we had such a great day!  YUM!


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