Sunday, April 12, 2015

Soiling and Washing Fabric

Our Science investigation on Wednesday was really fun…we actually soiled and washed fabric!  We started by talking about the clothing we were wearing and what happens to make things dirty.  And when our clothing gets dirty, how does it get clean?  Our little scientists each got a sample of fabric called muslin.  Next, we used craft sticks and soiled the fabric samples with ketchup, mustard and chocolate syrup.  


Now that the fabric was soiled, we needed to clean it.  We started by putting the fabric in plain water.  Although some of the stains got lighter, they did not go away.  We needed to try something else.  We added some laundry detergent to the samples and got some brushes and started to scrub!


The stains got much lighter but we needed to hang the fabric to dry so we could observe them more closely.

We discovered that the ketchup and chocolate syrup did come out of the fabric, but the mustard was a little more stubborn and we could still kind of see it.  Then, like all good scientists, we reported on our investigation in our Science notebooks.

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