Sunday, April 5, 2015


This week, we launched our investigation on fabric.  We started by reading and discussing the story "Weaving the Rainbow".

We investigated ten different types of fabric.  Like scientists, we observed and compared the samples.


In order to understand how fabric is made, we took apart samples of burlap.  We learned that the threads that go from side to side are called the woof.  The threads that go up and down are called the warp.


On Thursday, April 2, we hosted the Kindergarten students and families from the Class of 2028 at an open house.  In preparation for this, we did a community writing project and wrote next year's students a letter.

We also completed a couple of fun projects to decorate our classroom for the spring season.



On Friday, Mrs. Gillen's First Graders stopped by to share their amazing research projects.  They researched penguins and created nonfiction books, which they shared with us.  Well done, first graders!


We are also busy finishing up our Kindergarten plate project!


 It was a very busy week!

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