Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome Back!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a restful and relaxing Winter Break.  It was so great to get back to school and see all of our friends this week.  Here is a quick recap of some of the fun things we did...

We talked about resolutions and learned that a resolution is a promise to do something better or to not do something.  We read the story "Squirrel's New Year's Resolution" by Pat Miller.  We thought of our own New Year's resolutions and made pages for a new class book.  We will be sending this home starting next week!


We have been spending quite a bit of time on reviewing school rules, procedures and expectations this week.  One thing we worked on was our sketching for Writer's Workshop.  We observed a picture from the book "Jamaica's Find", thought about how to sketch, took our time and did an excellent job!  We had a "Museum Walk" when we were finished so we could all admire each other's work!



We completed a Math graphing and survey activity.  We asked the question "What did you wear today?", referring to what we wore on our hands.  Did you wear mittens, gloves, or did you have bare hands?  We each had to place one of our gloves or mittens on the rug.  On Tuesday, more students wore gloves!  Thankfully no one had bare hands that day!!


We also spent time working on our Math Workplaces.  It was a very busy week, even though we only had school four days!



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