Saturday, January 10, 2015

Good Stuff Snowmen

Our Good Stuff Snowman project was a huge success.  Thank you to everyone for sending in some really good stuff so we could embellish our creations.  The project started out a little rocky.  You see, we had to make our paper snowman by tearing the white paper…we could not use scissors.  Some of my friends were not too keen on this idea.  Once I convinced them that they actually knew how to tear paper long before they ever learned how to use a scissors, they were ready to give it a try.  We practiced making small tears on some practice paper and then we got to work!


After we got the white paper torn and glued on to our background paper, we read the story "Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert.

In this story, a family has been saving lots of good stuff in a brown bag.  After a big snowfall, the family uses the "good stuff" in the brown bag to help decorate their snow creations.  They make a snow dad, snow mom, snow boy, snow girl, snow baby, snow cat and a snow dog!

Following the story, we used the "good stuff" in our own brown bags to embellish the torn paper snowman we started earlier.  We had a great time doing this project and they turned out so cute.  It was mostly so fun to see friends sharing their good stuff and using their kind words to encourage and compliment each other while completing this project.  I love seeing this "ALL STAR" behavior!





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