Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our Special Visitor…Mrs. Holtz!

We had the most amazing week.  Mrs. Tori Holtz, the Northview Literacy Coach, visited our classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Mrs. Holtz has a really big job…she teaches fourth grade half time and the other half of her day is spent coaching teachers on the implementation of our Literacy Collaborative model…our new Literacy curriculum!

Mrs. Holtz is so energetic and positive.  We loved having her here and can't wait for her to come back.  (she will come back later in the year…her coaching requires her to visit other classrooms, too…not just ours!)  She observed our Morning Meeting, helped with our Reading Workshop, observed and helped (LOTS!) with our Managed Independent Learning time, and observed some Writing Workshop as well.      She shared some great ways for us to dig deeper in our Author Study about Eric Carle.  In addition to her working with the students, she and Mrs. Kurt met before school to discuss how things were going…how could we change some things and how could we make some things better.  It was just a great experience for all of us.  Thank you, Mrs. Holtz!


 She showed us a really cool way to use post it notes to mark parts in the Eric Carle books that we really liked.  Later, we got to share our favorite parts!



The sharing was the best!



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