Thursday, September 25, 2014

Managed Independent Learning and Digital Citizenship

This past week, we have started learning about Managed Independent Learning.  We are just in the beginning stages of this and are starting out with some very basic activities.  The idea behind this is to have activities that students can complete independently.  Each child has a stick with their name on it and is assigned a color and activity to start with.  Eventually, the goal is for the students to be able to complete an activity and then move their stick down to the next activity when they have finished the previous one.  Here is a ample of the chart and activities we are currently using to learn this system.

The students love participating in these activities and are beginning to manage their learning independently.  They are learning how to set up and clean up each activity in a responsible manner as well.



On Tuesday, we had a visit from Mrs. Fleck, our Northview technology teacher.  She gave us a presentation on "Digital Citizenship".  She reminded us that we need to be sure and ask permission when we want to use the computer at school or at home.  She also taught us about using the computer in safe, responsible ways.  Later this year, we will have the opportunity to visit our two computer labs at Northview and to use the classroom computer and mobile lab, too.  We will have lots of chances to use our amazing technology tools at Northview!    

Thanks, Mrs. Fleck!

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