Thursday, September 25, 2014

interactive Read Aloud and Our First Library Visit!

We had a guest reader in our classroom today.  Her name is Mrs. Tori Holtz.  Mrs. Holtz teaches fourth grade in the afternoons at Northview and she is the Literacy Coach for our staff.  Mrs. Holtz works with students and teachers at Northview and she has a really cool job.  She teaches our teachers how to be even better teachers.  She also has lots of really cool books.  Today she visited us and read us the story "Ralph Tells a Story" written and illustrated by Abby Hanlon.


This story was about a little boy named Ralph who was having trouble thinking of an idea to write a story about in school.  This was pretty interesting to us, because sometimes we have trouble thinking of ideas for stories to share in our Drawing and Writing Journals, too!  Mrs. Holtz was teaching us how to take turns in our discussion, how to share our thinking and how to dig deep and think about the author's message of the story.  We actually did not finish the story today, so we are all very anxious for tomorrow so we can see if Ralph ever did write a story on his own.  Be sure to ask us what happens in the story!

Guess what else we got to do today?  We had our first visit to our school Library!!!  Mrs. Joanna helped us learn how to choose books and how to check our books out.  We even got to look at books to see if they were interesting before we checked them out!  We are only allowed to borrow one book at a time and we can't get a new one until we return the last one we borrowed.  Our class will always visit the library on Thursdays so please help us remember to return our library books before Thursdays if we can.



Visiting the library was awesome.  We can't wait to go back next Thursday!

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