Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sea Creature Problems and Viktor the Viking

One of my favorite parts of our Kindergarten Math curriculum is when we create our sea creature story problems.  The students are divided into small groups and it is a great assessment of how well they listened and learned during our recent problem solving unit.  We discovered working in small groups requires us to talk and listen, to think of ways to solve our problem, and to agree on a plan and try it.  Again, working together in groups is so easy for some students, and yet very difficult for others.  It is so rewarding for me to wander around the room to observe and listen and to help them out when I am needed.  Stay tuned to see our finished products in the next couple of days!



This afternoon we had a special guest come to Northview.  It was Viktor the Viking!  As part of our Fuel Up To Play 60 grant, we had an all school assembly to remind us all of the importance of eating healthy and staying active.  Many thanks to Mrs. Sandi Hansen,  of the Northview Food Service, for getting us involved with this and keeping us healthy at Northview!


Viktor the Viking and Mrs. Hansen

Viktor gave each of us a High Five as we left the gym!

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