Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recycling Paper

Today we made our first trip to the Northview Science Lab.  We went there to make recycled paper.  We are studying paper in Science right now and since we were going to a lab, we had to wear a lab coat, just like real scientists do!

Recycling paper was really fun.  We put some paper inside a jar, added water, put the lid on and shook the jar for five minutes.  That was hard!




Liam shared what happens when too much water gets on paper!

Next we had to get the paper pulp out of the jar and on to the screen so the water could come out.  We placed another screen on top of the pulp and blotted it dry with a sponge.  Then we used the bottle as a rolling pin to squeeze out the rest of the water and make the recycled paper flat.


We carefully peeled the recycled paper off of the screen and placed it on some waxed paper so it could dry overnight.

Then we had to all help clean up the lab!  The kids were great.  Don't they all look like scientists?  There could be some future scientists in this group!

Mr. Chris Wong, Kai's dad, was our guest reader today.  We had a busy but great day in Kindergarten Plus!


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