Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fabric and Water

Our most recent Science investigation included us becoming fabric scientists…we had to investigate what happens when water gets on different fabrics!

We worked with three types of fabric samples:  terrycloth, satin and nylon.  We observed and discussed each sample and then decided to use eyedroppers to add water to each sample.  We could hardly believe our eyes!  The water absorbed into the terrycloth really fast.  We decided that must be why it is a good fabric for towels!

When we added water to the satin, we discovered that the fabric changed color…it became darker.  The satin also absorbed some water but some also soaked through it.

The nylon was the most surprising to us.  When we put the drops of water on the nylon, the drops just sat there!  We learned that the nylon repels water.  How cool is that??  Some of the water soaked in to the nylon eventually, but not all of it.  We decided this must be why nylon is used on snow pants, jackets and waterproof clothing.  



We love Science!

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