Sunday, November 17, 2013

Small Moment Stories in Writing Workshop

In Writing Workshop, we have started learning about and writing our first Small Moment stories.  We read the book "A Chair For My Mother" by Vera B. Williams.  In this story, we saw and heard examples of how the author uses words to add details to every part of this story.  The words she used helped us to get a mental image of what the story looked like while she was telling it.

After hearing this story a couple of times, we decided to give it a try.  We chatted with a partner about what we wanted to write about.  Our partners listened and asked us questions.  This helps us to think of more details to add to our stories.


Before we started our writing, we made a list of reminders for when we are writing Small Moment stories.

Then we went to work.  We did not finish our first small moment stories yet.  Sometimes it takes authors a while to finish one whole story.  We will keep working on them next week and for many more weeks so we get even better at them!


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