Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today was a busy day in Kindergarten Plus!  We had several projects we were working on, as well as our usual subjects.

Our first job was to sign our class birthday card for Mrs. Carl.  Mrs. Carl's birthday is on May 4 and the whole school is making her a book of cards for her special day.

Next we worked on a big "Thank You" poster for our Northview PTO.  We wrote on a big sign "Our PTO is the best...hands down!"  Then Mrs. Radermacher helped each of us paint one of our hands and we put our hand prints all over the sign.  Tomorrow we will sign it and give it to Mrs. Hemsey so she can present it to the PTO on Monday evening at their meeting.  We really are very grateful for all that the PTO does for Northview Elementary.


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs. Radermacher.  She is so great at helping us get lots of our projects done in Mrs. Kurt's room.  Wait until you see the fun Mother's Day projects we have been working on!!

We also worked on a tie blanket for Mrs. Carl.  As you know, she is recuperating from her knee surgery.  We wanted to do something special for her and our teachers came up with the idea of making her a tie blanket.  They picked out fabric with stars on it since we are called the Northview All-Stars.  Mrs. Dahl cut the strips and then the kindergarten students from all four classes each tied two knots on the blanket.  The teachers helped too!


We were a little surprised that it was so tricky tying sure turned out cute though.  Hopefully we can deliver it to her this weekend!

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