Monday, May 27, 2013

More Farm Fun

We are really having fun getting to know our chicks.  They are lots of fun and we are also learning lots about them.  It takes 21 days for eggs to hatch.  Sometimes hens sit on the eggs in the nest but sometimes eggs are placed in incubators until they hatch.  Incubators need to be kept at 100 degrees to keep the eggs warm.  We learned more about chickens by participating in an interactive SMARTBoard activity on chickens last Friday.

Of course our favorite time with Pip and Squeak is when we get them out of their box and play with them...



Although we do have baby chicks in our classroom, we are learning about other farm animals as well.  We have been busy reading and writing about chickens, pigs, sheep and cows.  We have also made these animals and hung them in our classroom and out in the hallway.  They look great!


Thanks to Logan Schmitt and his family for taking care of our chicks over this holiday weekend!  I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.  Only seven more school days left of this year...hard to believe it has gone by so fast!

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