Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy Days in Kindergarten Plus!

Wow!  We have been really busy in Kindergarten Plus!

Last week we finished writing our first "How To" story.  We called it "How To Set Up A Fish Tank". "How To" stories are different that the small moment stories we have been used to writing.  For "How To" stories, you first need to think of all the supplies you will need to do something.  Then you need to be sure to write the steps for the activity in the correct sequence.  The idea is to be sure the person reading the story would actually be able to do what you are writing about.  We started another "How To" story today titled "How To Make A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich".  We will finish them tomorrow.


We signed our "Thank You" poster for the PTO.  Mrs. Hemsey hung it up in the window of the library across from the office.  Stop by and check it out if you are interested.  We really are grateful for all the PTO does for us at Northview!

We are actually incorporating writing in to our Math these days.  We are working with our writing partners to create frog story problems.  Mrs. Kurt showed us some examples.

Today we set out to work on our own problems.  With our writing partners, we needed to decide what type of problem (addition or subtraction) we wanted to do.  Then we needed to decide on some numbers and the story to go with it.  When we had this thinking and discussing part done, we actually wrote the problems out on paper and sketched a picture of what ours would eventually look like.


Such great Math thinking going on!



We are kind of excited to finish these because when we get them done, Mrs. Kurt will put them in to one of our Math Workplaces so we can actually have a chance to solve each others problems!

Here are some Free Choice time photos, too.



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