Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Eggs Have Arrived!

Well, despite our recent winter-like weather, spring it definitely here.  You can tell because our classroom incubator arrived late last week.  Many thanks to Mrs. Anderson for setting it up while Mrs. Kurt was gone on personal leave.  We were very excited to peek inside it yesterday to see what it looks like.  The temperature inside the incubator needs to be at 100 degrees and the humidity needs to be around 50%.  The controls on the outside of the lid let us know these statistics.  The incubator is set up on the counter in the back of our room.


This morning we were super excited to see that when we checked the incubator, there were four eggs inside!  Two of the eggs are a light tan color, one is a darker brown and one is a very pale shade of green.  We had no ideas eggs came in so many different colors!

We had to take turns and wait patiently to peek inside the incubator.



Like all good scientists, we recorded our observations in our science notebooks.




Scientist Sami wrote:  I see the eggs in the incubator.  Scientist Yashika wrote:  I saw different colors of eggs.  Scientist Clara wrote:  The eggs are in the incubator!  Scientist Zoe wrote:  I saw a green egg!

Now comes the hardest part of all…waiting for our hatch day.  It takes the eggs 21 days to hatch, so if all goes well our hatch day is on (or near!) May 24.  Stay tuned…and keep your fingers crossed for a successful hatch!

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