Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun With Shapes

We have been working on lots of things in Math lately.  Counting forward and backward, identifying and creating patterns and identifying two dimensional shapes.  One of the activities we did recently with shapes was to create a real life object using one of the shapes we have been learning about.  Students could choose circles, squares, rectangles or triangles to create something from real life that had the same shape.  They came up with some pretty creative things!




We shared on the rug all the amazing things we created and then did a Museum Walk, where we walk around the rug and admire each other's work.



We are also learning how to "build" numbers.  We choose a number each day and "build" it, or show how to make that number in some different ways.  Below is a sample of us building the number five.  You will probably see more examples of these in days to come!

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