Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Celebration

Today was an exciting day in our kindergarten class.  We had our Fall Celebration!  We started the day with a wonderful story…

…and then made a list of things we think of when we talk about fall.  Check out all these amazing ideas!

We quickly decided to write about our favorite thing to do in the fall in our Reader's Notebooks.  We started by thinking of an idea.  Then we did a "Turn and Talk" with a partner.  Turn and Talk is when we get to share our ideas or thinking with a friend.  Talking about our ideas helps us to plan out what we are going to draw and write.


Next, we added a picture of our favorite thing to do in the fall in our Reader's Notebooks.  We even tried to add some labels and words to our pictures!



Of course, the most exciting part of our day was the Fall Celebration that took place after lunch today.  We participated in activities at four different stations…Fall Bingo, Pumpkin Craft and Bean Bag Toss, Play Dough, and Roll a Pumpkin.











After the celebration, we headed off to Art class.  But when we returned, we found a popcorn snack at our table spots!  We had a popcorn snack while we watched a movie about pumpkins!


At the end of each day, we do an Appreciation Circe, where the kids reflect on their day and share one thing with the group that they appreciated about their day.  I appreciate my volunteers…Lisa Krier (Everly's mom) and Jessica Rau (Colton's mom) for taking time out of their busy day to come and help with the celebration.  I also appreciate some Northview staff members who also assisted us today…Mrs. Radermacher, Mrs. Tavernier and Mrs. Town.  We would not have been able to have this celebration without these wonderful people.  Thank you all!!!

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