Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Tiny Seed

When the students arrived at school on Thursday, instead of the normal seat sheet that is usually on the tables, they found a copy of Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed at their spot.  This seemed a bit strange, but the students started exploring.



We read The Tiny Seed  during our interactive read aloud time on Thursday.  During our Writer's Workshop, we wrote what we thought the author's message was for this story.  Be sure to ask your kindergartner what the message was!

On Friday, we each got a copy of the book again and had to choose our favorite part of the story.  We marked it with a post it note.  Then we participated in a table share.  A table share is when each person at the table takes a turn to share with the other table members about their favorite part.  The table members are expected to be good listeners and when every one has had a turn, we take time for questions and comments.



Our friends at the green table were kind enough to model the procedure for the entire class first.  Then the rest of the tables had a chance to share.  There were many great parts that the students liked and excellent conversations about the story!  It was a great Reader's Workshop activity.


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