Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pancakes, Pancakes!

Last week, we read the Eric Carle story Pancakes, Pancakes!  In this story, a young boy named Jack wakes up one morning and decides he wants pancakes for breakfast.  His mom agrees but tells Jack he will have to help her.  We talked about how we get pancakes when we want to eat them…we might buy them and put them in the microwave or toaster, or we might use a pancake mix and make them.  However, in this story, things were very different.  Be sure to ask your kindergartner what Jack needed to get to make pancakes with his mom!

All this talk about pancakes made us hungry, so on Monday morning, we made and ate pancakes.  We even made our own butter, using some heavy whipping cream and shaking it in a jar!  Everyone had a chance to help shake the jar.

I have to admit, we made our pancakes the easy way…we used a pancake mix.  But we had our fresh butter, syrup and strawberry jam to top them with.  And, best of all, we had Mrs. Radermacher to do the cooking!  She LOVES making pancakes!!!






 We shared pancakes with our neighbor, Mr. Ball.  Everyone loved the pancakes and we had a lot of fun doing something special in school.  We wrote about making pancakes in our Reader's Journals, too.


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