Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sinking Wood and Changing Wood

Following Monday's investigation, we wanted to see how we could actually get some of the wood samples to sink.  We talked about it and came up with an idea…we needed to add weight!  We used a sample of pine, a sample of plywood, rubber bands and paperclips.  We started by adding five paperclips to each wood sample.  We attached them with rubber bands and started to test!


Well, five paperclips was not enough weight, so we tried adding five more to each sample.  This time the plywood did sink but the pine did not.  We added one more to the pine…still floated.  We added four more and it still floated.  Then we added five more for a total of twenty paperclips.  Finally!  The pine sample sank to the bottom.


Of course, like all good scientists, after we observed and compared our wood samples, we reported on our findings in our Science Notebooks!

On Wednesday, we decided to see if we could actually change wood.  After all, we are only five and six years old and changing wood is not easy to do.  Unless, of course, you have the proper tools! We each got a sample of basswood, a piece of sand paper and a paper plate and got to work.  We discovered that you can change wood by sanding it.  



We decided to save our saw dust because we would probably have tons of it.  But did you know that sanding wood is hard work?  We kind of got tired quickly and when we collected the sawdust when we were finished, we did not really have that much.


But we sure did change the wood!

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