Thursday, March 12, 2015

Science Investigations

We have had such an amazing week investigating wood in Kindergarten!  We started out the week doing a shared reading from our Materials in Our World text.  We read "The Story of a Chair".  After we read and discussed the story, we responded to the story by writing in our Science Notebooks and sharing our ideas with the class.  Such great thinking going on in this class!



Next, we got our lab coats on and got into our research teams to investigate what would happen with wood and water.  The first thing we needed to do was gather our materials…wood samples, water basins and eye droppers.  Next, we had to learn how to use eye droppers.  We did have fun exploring with these!


We set out to discover what would happen to the wood samples if we added some water to them.  It ws pretty interesting…


We learned that some types of wood absorbed the water quickly while others did not.  Then we decided to find out if the wood samples would sink or float if we put them into the water basins.  Our prediction was that they would all sink since they were heavy!


Well, we were wrong.  Only the particleboard sample sank to the bottom of the water basin.  We even left them in overnight to see if any others would sink, but they did not.  We are loving this unit of study!

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