Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Investigation

Friday was all about pumpkins in Kindergarten.  Mrs. Clounch, one of the kindergarten teachers at Northview, actually grew these pumpkins.  She had so many of them this year that she shared some with all of the kindergarten classes!  We read pumpkin stories, completed a pumpkin sequencing activity, sang pumpkin songs and even colored pumpkins.  We also did some investigating of pumpkins, like real scientists.  Look what we discovered!

Did you know that pumpkins actually float?  We were not sure, so we made some predictions and tried it out.  They DO float!  Cool!

We learned about estimating today.  An estimate is a guess.  Sometimes an estimate is correct and sometimes it isn't.  Scientists have to guess about things, and then they find out if it is true or not.  Today we estimated how many lines were on our pumpkin and how many seeds we thought might be inside.  Then we actually counted!

We also had to think of words to describe the inside and outside of the pumpkin.  Some of us were not too excited to feel the insides of the pumpkin, but we all did it.  We came up with some great words!


We used some of these great words in our pumpkin song.  The most fun part of the day was going to gym with Mr. Nelson and doing the Freaky Fun Maze!!!




It was another great day in Kindergarten!

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