Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Writing and Sharing

We continue to work on our drawing and writing in Writer's Workshop.  As writers, we think about what we will write about.  We sketch or draw our stories in our Drawing and Writing Journals.  We are now starting to add words to our pictures.  These words could be labels or we may be starting to write sentences to go with our pictures.  We use the alphabet chart to help us write down the sounds that we hear in words.  Such an exciting time!



Sharing at the end of Writer's workshop continues to be one of the highlights of Writer's Workshop!  Sometimes we share in a large group, in small groups or even with one partner.  We are becoming great writers!



On Wednesday, Mrs. Radermacher helped us create our fall tree.  We used paint and our handprints to make the colorful leaves.  It was fun and it looks great hanging in the hallway!


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