Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back From Spring Break!

Welcome back to Mrs. Kurt's Class!  It was soooo good to see my friends on Monday.  I really think they all grew over break.  We had a few friends that lost some teeth, got hair cuts, went on amazing trips and some that even stayed home and had a "stay-cation".  It was wonderful hearing about all the adventures.  Lots of great ideas for our Writer's Workshops!

We continue to practice daily for our Kindergarten Music Program.  It is hard to believe our show day is almost here.  We can't wait for our families to come and see the show on Friday April 14 at 10:00.  Next week we get to practice on the big stage.  It is going to be lots of hard work and fun!

Today in Writer's Workshop, Ms. Kieltyka and Mrs. Kurt introduced a really cool new tool we can use for writing…our writing folders.  We spent some time just exploring the folders.  There were lots of things we noticed about them and there were many things we wondered about them!  




Each folder contains an alphabet chart, a vowel chart, a consonant cluster chart, a story structure map, a writing ideas page, the Kindergarten high frequency words and a name chart.  These folders will move to first grade with us next year.  Some of the tools inside are first grade tools, but we still have them inside since we are getting ready for first grade.  As usual, whenever we introduce anything new in Kindergarten, there are many procedures to learn as well.  We are going to practice these procedures and be ready for first grade soon!


We have spent lots of time getting back in to our daily routine this week.  Funny how it takes us a while to do this after having a week off.  We are doing a really good job at it!

Here are some friends working on Guided Reading.


These friends are participating in some Managed Independent Learning activities.

We even had a few Minnesota Twins fans ready for opening day!

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