Sunday, May 15, 2016

Waiting Patiently...

We have been waiting patiently for our eggs to hatch in our classroom incubator.  Waiting is kind of hard for five and six year olds!  Isaac's mom, Mrs. Schmitt, recently surprised us with a visit.  Isaac's grandparents have chickens and she brought in a dozen eggs they had gotten from them.  It was so interesting for us to see that the eggs were lots of different colors!



She also brought us a very cool magazine that has lots of facts about chickens in it.  She showed us some photos of chicken coops.  We will be using the magazine lots this next week as we do more research about chickens.  Our hatch date is on or around May 18…stay tuned!!

We are also busy learning about guppies and goldfish in our classroom.  We have been observing and writing about them.  It is fun to have classroom pets!


Excitement is in the air in Kindergarten, not only about the animals, but also our Kindergarten Music Program.  We have been so busy rehearsing and getting the decorations ready for the show.  This week we will be practicing on the stage like the big kids at Northview have all done this year.  It is going to be such an exciting week…we can't wait for it to start!!


Many thanks to Mrs. Radermacher for her amazing help with our program decorations!!

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