Saturday, November 21, 2015

Managed Independent Learning and Computers

We have started introducing our Managed Independent Learning time.  Managed Independent Learning is when students engage in small group activities that enrich their literacy and math skills.  The goal of this is for the students to be independent and managed as they complete an activity and move on to the next one.  It is a process…a SLOW process to get this up and running.  In addition, we are learning how to build stamina because in order for us to do this successfully, we need stamina.  Stamina means being able to do something of a long time.  It is pretty amazing how quickly these students can adapt to new things!







Our Managed Independent Learning activities this week included Math Workplaces, Journal Writing, Research Center (where we observe our tree artifacts), Teacher Conference, Pla-Doh and Independent Reading.  It will be exciting to move forward with this as we build our stamina.

On Friday mornings you will find our class in StarLab 2…one of our school's computer labs.  I am amazed at how much these students already know about technology.  They are actually teaching their teacher a few things as well.  It is a little tricky since these school computers are different from the laptops and tablets many students use at home these days, but they are doing their best, trying hard and not getting frustrated.



Many of the websites we use in school are available on the Classroom Connections - Kindergarten page of the Northview webpage.  You are welcome to access these at home if you are interested in looking at them or giving your child an opportunity for additional practice.

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