Monday, June 1, 2015

It Takes A Village

It's been said on many occasions that "it takes a village".  This could not be more true of Kindergarten at Northview!  There are so many people behind the scenes that support us and work with us every day to help us to be our BEST selves.  Following are some of the people who have helped us along the way...

Mrs. Town, Principal


Mrs. Holtz (Literacy Coach/4th Grade Teacher) and Ms. Kieltyka (EL Teacher)

Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Offerman in the kitchen


Mrs. Treb (Music) and Mr. Nelson (Physical Education)

Ms. Mathieson (Art)


Mrs. Fleck (Technology) and Mrs. Joanna (Library Clerk)


Mr. Ball (Custodian) and Mrs. Hannasch (School Nurse)


Mrs. Fifield (School Psychologist/4th Grade Teacher), Ms Jorgensen and Mrs. Buresh (Office)


Our beloved (and retired!) building secretary, Gaby Bunker

Mrs. Radermacher, Paraprofessional

As I search through my many photos, there are others still missing from this post.  I will try to get photos of the others who have helped us on our journey through Kindergarten to acknowledge them, too.

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