Saturday, February 14, 2015

Art Adventure

On Wednesday, we had a special visitor.  Mrs. Josie Hurka, Claire's mom, came to our class for Art Adventure.  Art Adventure is a program sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Volunteers are trained at the Art Institute and then they come to classrooms throughout the metro area to teach students about the art on display at the institute.  Our session was about dressing for special occasions and we learned lots about the four art examples Mrs. Hurka showed us!



It was really cool to see these pieces of art.  Mrs. Hurka used our SMART Board to show them to us so we could all see them better.  If you'd like to see these and other pieces of art on display, consider visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Admission is free and it is a great place to visit.  Special thanks also to the Northview PTO for supporting this program for our school.

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