Friday, December 12, 2014

Storytelling, Interactive Read Aloud and Hockey

It's been another busy, fun week in Kindergarten!  We have been making some seasonal decorations for the hallway...


and we made winter trees in Math, putting green paper strips in order by length.


In Writing Workshop, you will find us really focusing on oral storytelling.  We are working on telling our stories and then planning how to stretch them out into our new story booklets because sometimes our stories have lots of parts and we need more than one page to write them!  We are even beginning to realize that just like real authors, sometimes we do not finish a whole booklet in one day!



In one of our Interactive Read Aloud sessions this week, we read the book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" by Mo Willems.  We love this story and it is so fun to read.  We also learned that the author and illustrator used lots of techniques to help us understand how the pigeon was feeling.  The large, bold print, talking and thinking bubbles and illustrations of the pigeon helped us to know how the pigeon was really feeling!  We also took time to partner read and talk about the story with a partner!



Gym continues to be a highlight each week.  Mr. Nelson is currently teaching us about hockey and as you can imagine, we are loving this!!!



So excited for gingerbread houses...

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