Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Last Day of Kindergarten, 2014

Our last day of Kindergarten was a busy one!  We visited our Third Grade Buddies to watch their plays.  Then we went outside and we read to them.  They were pretty impressed at our reading skills.  When we finished reading, we all played together on the playground.




We all worked together cleaning up our room, cleaning out our lockers and getting our things packed to take home.  The highlight of the day was our All Star School Assembly that took place in the afternoon.  It was fun to have the whole school together.  We watched a video presentation, put together by some fifth grade students and Mrs. Fifield.  It showed things from the whole school year and we loved it!



Then it was time to go home, begin our summer adventures and get ready for First Grade!

It was an amazing year.  Thank you for sharing your incredible children with me this year.  We had quite a journey and I truly already miss them.  I wish each of you a happy, safe and relaxing summer.  Be sure to practice your reading, writing and math skills to prepare for your first grade assessments as well as first grade in general.  Have fun.  Play.  Discover.  Imagine.  Believe in yourself.  I do!  Have a great summer.

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