Monday, March 4, 2013

Dental Health and Working Together

We know that February is Dental Health Month.  But since it is such a short month and we had so many other events, like Valentines Day and the 100th Day, we decided to talk about it in March.  We made a toothbrushing chart.  Our goal is to do our best to brush our teeth every morning and every evening, even on the days that we are too tired!  We also talked about the fact that many of us have lost, or are losing, some of our baby teeth.  Losing teeth is a little scary, but it is fun when the Tooth Fairy stops by.

This is our new friend, Blake.  His first day in Kindergarten Plus was today and he did great!  We are so excited that he is part of our class and we look forward to getting to know him better.  Welcome, Blake!

We are finally getting to the end of our sea creature story problem activity.  Today, Mrs. Kurt had us work in groups.  As a group, we had to decide which sea creature we wanted to use, addition or subtraction, and the numbers.  Wow.  We found out that sometimes it is hard for everyone to agree!  We learned that when you work in a group, everyone has to contribute.  We also learned that we don't laugh at other people's ideas because we need to be respectful.  Most of all, we learned about compromising and being patient!

After our discussions, we started writing out our problems.  It was pretty cool to actually write a Math problem!

 When we finished our writing, Mrs. Kurt published our problems.  Now tomorrow, we will work as a team to make the pictures to go with the problems.  It is going to be fun to actually solve each other's problems!

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